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You Paid Alot For Your New Fence…Protect Your Investment!

You paid a lot for your new fence… Protect your investment!

Follow these essential steps for effective maintenance:


  • Thorough Inspection: Walk along the fence to check for loose or missing boards, rust, rot, and insect damage. Ensure fence posts are stable

Cleaning – A clean fence just looks better. By keeping algae and mildew at bay, you’ll significantly increase the lifespan of your fence.

  • Remove Dirt and Debris: A pressure washer is great to clean your fence but be cautious with pressure settings to avoid damage.
  • Metal Fences: Water, detergent, and a thorough rinse will do the job.

General Repair– No matter how well your fence was installed, it will need repair maintenance over time. 

  • Fix Damaged Sections: Replace broken boards and tighten loose nails and screws. 
  • Treat rust spots on wooden fences, metal components and metal fences with a rust converter.

Structural Repairs: Northeast Ohio weather can put a fence post footer to the test! 

  • Reset or replace wobbly posts as needed to prevent the dreaded sag or lean that is common with older fences.

Staining and Sealing: Preserve and beautify your fence with stain or sealant.

  • Wooden Fences: Allow the fence to dry completely (this will take months.) A simple water test can speak volumes. Pour a small amount of water on the fence, and if the water beads up and doesn’t soak into the wood, the wood needs more time to dry. Once the fence is determined to be dry enough, apply wood stain and sealant for protection against UV and moisture.
  • Metal Fences: Use rust-inhibiting primer and rust-resistant paint after cleaning,

Prevention– Termites, other pests and vegetation can wreak havoc on your investment.

  • Pest patrol: Check for pests and treat any infestations ASAP. 
  • Vegetation Management: Trim plants and shrubs growing near the fence to prevent any moisture buildup that may degrade the fence.

Routine Maintenance: Keeping an eye out for trouble before it starts can save you money and headaches.

  • Ongoing Care: Conduct brief inspections every few months and perform regular cleaning to prevent common problems. 

Following these steps will help keep your fence in excellent condition, ensuring it remains sturdy and attractive for years to come. 


Hero Fence and Deck installs and maintains all types of fencing and serves Northeast Ohio including Mentor, Painesville, Concord, Willoughby, Willoughby Hills, Kirtland, Chardon, Chesterland, Mayfield, Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Solon, Moreland Hills and more.